More than 30% of all software projects fail. More than 80% run over budget and fail to deliver required functionality. This means that less than 20% of software projects successfully live up to their promises. How can you trust that your software endeavors won’t bankrupt your company? If it sounds like doom and gloom, there’s a way out. Most of the problems that plague the software industry can be fixed. At Twelve 21, we’re here to guide you with tools and services to help you build software for success.


When you contract out software projects, all domain knowledge that the outside team acquires leaves when they complete the project. This puts you in a dangerous and risky situation. At Twelve 21, we believe the old adage that if you teach a man to fish you will feed him for a lifetime. Thus, our primary goal is giving you the tools and guidance so that your team can build and maintain the software that your organization needs.

Software Architecture and Design

No software development resources in house? We have you covered. With close to 20 years of experience developing high quality software solutions, we are confident that we can help you realize your goals. We specialize in Line of Business applications that can integrate across your entire enterprise. Our products are cloud-ready, secure, resilient, and scalable to meet your changing needs.

Security Analysis and Penetration Testing

Employees and partners are guilty for more than 60% of security threats against a company. Even if you are developing an application that will never connect to the internet, your application could be a primary target. Security breaches can cause significant pain to an organization. This could include losing a client’s trust, litigation due to data leakage, or huge financial loss due to data loss. We believe that most of these disasters can be properly mitigated by employing security in depth without costing you an arm and a leg.